Black Stars’ Strength and Weaknesses according to football pundits

Black Stars Strength and Weaknesses according to football pundits

Pundits and football analysts have appraised the performance, strength and weaknesses of the new Black Stars after two matches. 

The second outing of the Ghana Black Stars under Coach C.K Akornor gave a glimpse of a much-improved team when they faced Qatar in Turkey and humbled their opponents in a 5-1 goal aggregate.

What are the Black Stars’ Strength and Weaknesses?

Black Stars’ Strength and Weaknesses identified during the game are obvious. The defensive side of the team improved compared to the match against Mali on Friday. But it needs to improve further.

The Black Stars also played with more urgency in their second game and managed to draw first blood before Qatar canceled the lead to end the first half on one goal apiece.

But the finishing of the team still needs to be worked on to make them better ready for more tough games and opponents.

The team showed some level of mental fortitude and bounced back from the 3-0 defeat handed them by Mali. What we are yet to see is how the team can bounce back in the same game should they go a goal or two down.


Players who impressed on the night are Samuel Owusu, Benson Annan (right back), and Thomas Partey whose contribution on the day was 9/10.

On the day, the team showed a sense of urgency and hunger for success, which was lacking in the first game with Mali.

However, the team has big problems that need to be fixed before Ghana comes face to face with Sudan in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifier in November.

The players must own up individually and be responsible, but this can be achieved if the team improves on cohesion.

Gary Al-Smith a journalist identified these three problems with the team and said :

• Lapses in taking responsibility on the individual level, which I suspect is down to a lack of cohesion as the team bonds.  A few more games should iron them out.

• Second, Abalora is good at commanding his area, but he is rusty. Richard Ofori’s return should sort that out. 

• Dede Ayew worries me. For someone whose pace isn’t great, he has to release balls more. And quickly. He slows the team. Offensively, he can be useful, but on counters, we need more urgency. CK needs to have a word.

On the night Ghana played well and deserves all the praise and according to Gary Al-Smith, the National team of Qatar was not a walkover. The team had conquered Asia as champions and was preparing to host the 2022 World Cup.

If the Black Stars want to bring back the love Ghanaians had for the team during the 2010 and 2014 world cup, then they must continue to improve their performance in the future. The team’s outing against Qatar is rated as 7/10.