No International Fans

No international fans will be present at the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics according to news coming in.

The same rule will be applied at the Paralympics in the summer.

The decision by the organizers was based on concerns about the coronavirus pandemic and the need to protect athletics and officials.

Organizers say it will not be prudent to allow international fans and this decision will ensure “a safe and secure Games for all participants and the Japanese public”.

Government officials of Japan disclosed to the Olympic and Paralympic committees earlier on. However, the decision has been confirmed as the official statement and decision if the  2020 Tokyo Olympics would take place in Japan.


The banning of international fans was important “in order to give clarity to ticket holders”, who will be refunded.

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According to the organizer, the “challenging” Covid-19 situation in Japan and many other countries, global travel restrictions, and the emergence of variant strains of the virus had led to the decision.

This will be the first time in the history of the Olympics that there would be no No International Fans.



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